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Naturopathic Medicine is a system of healthcare, which is individualised and holistic. It aims to restore and maintain balance, not just physically, but also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually using evidence-based natural medicine methodologies. It is based on the healing power of nature and it supports and stimulates the body's ability to heal itself.

As a Naturopathic practitioner, I help you to get to the root underlying causes of your health issues and guide you on the changes you need to make in order to get well and thrive. I focus on natural therapies, including nutrition, herbal medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, homeobotanicals, fasting strategies, and so on. 




Nutritional Therapy 


Essence Therapy


Ear Acupuncture



Nutritional therapy


Image by Anna Pelzer

The food that we eat play a role in our health complains. Did you know that our digestion is linked to our ability to respond to stress? Or that our hormones play a key role in boosting our energy?

Our body is an incredibly complex system that is easily influenced by what we put in our mouth, our environment and lifestyle. 

Nutritional Therapy is a professional approach to medicine which focuses on YOU, as a whole person. I work holistically to identify and address the underlying imbalances causing your health complains, using the latest health and nutrition science. I help you to find the right nutrition to support your body's natural resilience and allow it to function at its best.

Ear Acupuncture


Ear acupuncture also called auriculotherapy is based on the idea that the ear is a micro system reflecting the entire body. While auriculotherapy is associated with the old practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a French neurologist Paul Nogier developed in the 1950s an integrated model of the ear based upon psychotherapeutic properties and embryology. 

Within the ear, there are dozens of acupuncture points that represents specific areas and functions of the body. Looking at the ear, the distribution of points roughly correspond to the image of a foetus. 

The spectrum of conditions treated with ear acupuncture is broad. Many studies have shown an effective treatment for addictions, weight loss, headachesinsomnia, anxiety, stress, PTSD, menstrual pain and many other conditions.


In the 1970s, the NADA (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association) protocol was developed to help addicts with their recovery dealing with trauma, anxiety, depression, irritability and cravings. It's a successful five-point protocol which stimulates the release of endorphins, lowers stress and induces relaxation. 




Bach flower remedies are flower essences developed by Dr. Bach from 1920 - 1930's in England. They gently restore the balance between mind and body by strengthening our ability to heal and work through the obstacles to our health and growth.

Bach flower remedies balance out negative emotions such as fear, worry, indecision, despair, stagnation to bring peace and harmony to the person as a whole, so that the body is free to heal itself. 

Each of he remedies is directed at a particular characteristic or emotional state.

Essence therapy


Iridology is the study of the iris - the coloured part of the eye. The eye is a map of all organs and bodily systems and reveals challenges and/or strengths of various organs and personality traits. 

No two people in the world have the exact same markings or characteristics in their eyes. Iridology affirms the uniqueness of each individual, and the power of the individual to manage his or her own health. 

It is a useful diagnostic tool allowing me to understand your innate strengths and weaknesses in order to help you attain optimum health.

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